How One Writer Paid a Penny for a Bloomingdale's Dress

While we love fawning over the latest designer campaigns and saving up for investment pieces now and then, there's something about finding a great deal that just gets us so excited. That's why when we learn a new shopping trick to score designer deals, we're happy to share it with other fashion lovers like ourselves.

The latest tip comes from SheFinds, where writer Keren Leshem shared a seriously crazy story about shopping at Bloomingdale's. It all started when she found an amazing dress for an event she would be attending, but alas, there was no price tag. She brought it up to the register to assess the damage, but when the saleswoman couldn't find the dress anywhere in the system, Leshem learned an amazing thing. 

If an item does not show up anywhere in its system, Bloomingdale’s has a policy that it will sell you the item for one cent. If the same thing ever happens to you, you could seriously get a designer dress for just a penny! That's one trick we're definitely keeping in mind next time we're combing the racks at Bloomingdales.

Keep scrolling to shop some of our favorite dress picks from Bloomingdale's! 

What do you think of this amazing trick? What's the most amazing deal you've ever scored on a dress? Share with us in the comments below!

Opening Image: Style du Monde