ShoeMint Brunch

Before partaking in the sartorial splendor that was the Golden Globes red carpet this weekend, we were treated to an exciting sneak peek of ShoeMints February collection! Rachel Bilson and Nicole Chavez were on hand at the London Hotel in Hollywood this past Saturday to debut their latest designs for the successful e-commerce site, which included everything from must-have closet staples (patent leather pumps and ankle booties) to cool statement styles (snake-print heels and color-block flats), all available for $79.98. Eager to learn more about the collaboration, we sat down with Bilson and Chavez, where we asked the duo about their design process and their favorite shoes from the February collection! Rachel Bilson and Nicole Chavez, image courtesy of Jared Eng.   Rachel Bilson, image courtesy of Jared Eng.     What inspired you both to get involved with this project? Rachel Bilson: I was familiar with the BeachMint family because I did a collaboration with Kate Bosworth and Cher Coulter for JewelMint, which is where I met everyone and how it all started for me. Then Nicole and I both met with them, and it just felt like the right fit because we love shoes. Nicole Chavez: Yes, we got lucky with the shoes. Its always been somewhat of a challenge because Rachel is a size five. When we started working together, they werent really producing samples in a size five for red carpet and events, so we were always looking at vintage and have always really been into finding things that are cool and interesting. It was very organic that we became involved with the shoe collaboration.   What is the design process like every month? Where do you get your inspiration? NC: When it comes to shoes, accessories, and clothes we definitely tend to gravitate towards a lot of the same things. We both kind of jump off from the same place, but we definitely go into our own closets and see what is out there as far as shoes that designers are doing. We want to make things our own and tweak them, so its definitely a process where we grab from everywhere and make shoes that we want to wear and think other women want to wear. We want to create things that are accessible and comfortable, which is why we have everything from flats to party shoes.   Do you have a specific girl in mind when youre designing the shoes each month? RB: I always say the good thing about Nicole is that as a stylist, she works with all types of girls. She has a really good eye and is helpful in designing for every person, because every woman has a type of shoe, which is really nice and important. NC: I also think there is something about Rachels style that is very accessible and fashion-forward, but not in a way that is off-putting or unattainable. When we are designing, we do think, Would Rachel wear this shoe or would she not wear this shoe? RB: There are some shoes I dont know if I would really wear, but its an important shoe to have. NC: Thats when I have to fight the fight, and will say that I would wear that or I know that there is a girl for that shoe.   What is your favorite shoe from the February collection? RB: Haddie, the color-block flats. They are named after my ten year-old sister who is fashion-obsessed. NC: The Haddie flats are really cute, and really cute on"a total day-to-night shoe. I have also been living in the Janice. They are very basic; I have been rocking the taupe pair with my Vanessa Bruno skirt. I feel like I can wear them all day and walk all over. I am on my feet all the time, so comfort is key for me. And I am short too, so I always want a little height. What were finding out is the statement shoes are selling out right away, which is great because that is the stuff we tend to gravitate towards too!

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