Loeffler Randall x Tucker Q&A

What brought you guys together to do this collaboration and how did the design process start? Gaby Basora: I have long been a fan, loving Jessie from afar"her style, her luminescence; it is all magical.When the opportunity came up, it seemed pretty natural to combine our similar sensibility to design. Jessie Randall: Gaby has become a friend. She has the most amazing, inspiring energy. I have always been a huge fan of her beautiful prints. I went to her with our inspiration boards and the collab took off from there. Did you both have a specific inspiration in mind? GB: I think we both share an appreciation for the offbeat and original. Her mood board included some of my favorite cinematic characters and there was a simpatico with the homage to the Baez sisters, rock bands, and some of my fave gals, like Sophia Loren and Dita Von Teese, which were inspirations for Tucker S/S 13. JR: Our spring collection was largely inspired by Edward Scissorhands. I wanted a floral print to signify the "perfection" of the suburbs in the movie, how everyone uses their lawns to communicate and keep up appearances with the world around them. Edward's pruned trees become a status symbol for the women. The bright, overly cheery colors of the suburban houses in Edward Scissorhands became the basis for our palette. How did you decide on the different motifs featured in the collection? GB: Jessie guided us, knowing what would translate best in terms of color and scale. And we agreed wholeheartedly. JR: The second I saw the floral and tribal prints I almost squealed with delight. They are absolutely perfect and have gotten such a strong reaction. I wanted to put them on our designs in a variety of ways, from something more dressy, like the Dahlia, to something totally dressed down, like our Odile sneaker. What is your favorite piece? GB: It is always hard to choose, especially since the prints and silhouettes are so great. The classic pump is a breeze to wear with jeans and Tucker jumpsuits, which is how I wear them. The combo of the floral print and Loeffler Randall's fierce heel came off so well"Minnie Mouse eat your heart out. We are looking forward to doing more together. JR: The Dahlia is a "wow" shoe, but I'll wear it with silk pants for day. The linen fabric means it's a wear anywhere kind of shoe. How would you wear the Odile Oxfords? GB: Out for a walk with my poodle Bunnie, Cheap Monday high-waisted black jeans, a Tucker button-up shirt with contrast placket, Satya Twena fedora, andMark Cosmetics coral fixation lipstick. JR: I love mixing prints and patterns in my own wardrobe. I love mixing feminine and masculine, and I never want to look too dressed up. I love our new sneaker for that reason. What was the best part about working together? GB: Getting to see Jessie's gorgeous face often, and wearing the shoes!The overwhelming positive reaction from buyers and press has been a joy. JR: I love working with friends"people who inspire me"and Gaby is both!  

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