Is Barbie The New Fashion Cat?

Jessica Baker

Barbie—a.k.a. the best-dressed doll—is having a huge fashion moment right now. She's taking over Instagram, thanks to two industry insiders (who prefer to remain nameless, for now) who created must-follow accounts dedicated to Barbie’s posh lifestyle: @barbiebirkin and @barbietatti. Plus, hot on the heels of an exclusive collection with Coach earlier this year, Barbie just released a brand-new design collaboration with style giant Herve Leger. We talked to Herve Leger's Chief Creative Officer Lubov Azria about why she chose to work with the popular doll and how this glamorous partnership came about. It seems it is a Barbie world, indeed. 

Why Barbie and why now?
“Why not? It was a natural thing that happened. Barbie is very iconic and Herve Leger is very iconic, so it was a good match.”  

What is the story behind the outfits you designed for Barbie?
“Barbie waited 50 years for a Herve Leger dress, so we want to give her a real Herve Leger dress. We thought: why don’t we take a classic and make it in red. Down the runway there was another dress we fell in love with, so we decided to give her a runway look as well. All of the accessories appeared on the runway. It’s the smallest harness in the world and she has a beautiful gladiator shoe.”

What was the design process like?
“They are very specific. Barbie has seven heads, 110 positions, five or six different strands of color in her hair, and about 10 different artists work on her eye makeup. Everything is done by layer, and it’s amazing.”

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