Introducing: Kelsey Chow

When we come across a young actress with promising talent and a great eye for fashion, we cant resist telling the whole world about her. Right now, thats how we feel about Kelsey Chow, the brunette beauty in todays spotlight. While you may recognize Chow from the Disney show Pair of Kings or from her recurring role on One Tree Hill"note: shell appear in The Amazing Spiderman this summer, too!"the 20-year-old actress has officially shed her youthful image and embraced a cool fashion sense all her own. Chow recently came by the WWW studio for a fashion shoot with photographer Justin Coit, so we chatted up the starlet to learn more about her personal style and a few of her summer fashion essentials. Scroll down to check out some photos from the shoot and be sure to read our Q&A with Chow!   Photos courtesy of Justin Coit Q&A with Kelsey Chow What was the sartorial inspiration for this shoot? I think our goal was to see how many personas we could capture through fashion, makeup, and hair. We experimented with a variety of looks. From the first outfit to thelast, it was completely different. It is always fun to step outside of one's usual style and try something new. Each look was a collaborative effort between the stylist (Nina Lenders), the photographer (Justin Coit) and his assistant (Pepe Leon), the hair/makeup artist (Joey Malouf), and myself.   What was your favorite look from the shoot with Justin, and why? I loved the AllSaints dress with the leather jacket. With the heavy eyeliner and voluminous hair, it felt very Brigitte Bardot! How would you describe your personal style? I wear something completely different every day. I have very eclectic taste in clothing and style. I don't like to be pinned down to one category. Its liberating to experiment with different styles, textures, and overall looks. Most important to me is that I feel comfortable in what I am wearing. I love Free People. In fact, my attire for Coachella consisted entirely of their pieces! I love to mix vintage with contemporary pieces.Nothing beats the flea markets to snag the most rare and unique finds.   Who are some of your style icons or influencers? My mom has been a big influence on me. We traveled quite a bit when I was young, and she would buy me different pieces from all over the world. My mom has always had incredible style, so I hope to learn from her. I also like to look to style icons from the past, like Jane Birkin and Bianca Jagger. Bianca Jagger was the epitome of elegance and comfort in whatever she wore.She was exotic yet elegant, and always impeccably dressed.It was always a presentation. Mick Jagger was the perfect accessory! Jane Birkin represented the glamour of the 1960s, and she too was at ease in her presentation; her style seemed comfortable, almost effortless, but always classic.   What are some of your favorite trends for spring? The rich colors and textures of everything from silk pieces to denim. I have always liked florals, especially on vintage dresses. I actually like the neon trend for summer, however in small doses, whether it beneon nails or a good statement top.   What are your summer fashion essentials? Always a nice-fitting pair of white pants or jeans.I will also be traveling more this summer, so I look forward towearing long and short floral skirts in bright colors. I have this beautiful blue wrap skirt I bought in Hawaii, and I wear it all the time. I am attracted to pieces that you can wear different ways. Ilove mixing prints. What is your year-round closet go-to? Im always cold, so whether I am in New York or Los Angeles I must have a good jacket. I have a vintage, wool Ralph Lauren oversized blazer that I would wear everyday if I could!   How would you describe your red carpet style? I like to change it up, from edgy to elegant, fashion-forward to classic/chic, boho to hipster, funky to old Hollywood glamour. It's always fun to reinvent myself and trythings outside of my comfortzone/day-to-day image. I love classic pieces from Ferragamo, pairing a vintage Chanel sequin blazer with my own ripped-up Levi's jean shorts, using statement necklaces with simple pieces, pairing a one-of-a-kind leather jacket or neon sweater with basic jeans, etc. It's important to know what works for you, and to have fun with it. There are so many amazing designers, and I look forward to the opportunity to wear some of their incredible works of art. I am very interested in old Hollywood glamour styles.  

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