Fashion Photo Friday

Is there anything more fun than gazing at inspirational fashion photos? We think not, which is were delighted to bring you, dear readers, a new and very exciting blog segment we like to call Fashion Photo Friday! From now on, well be on 24-hour Twitter and Instagram watch, sleuthing through tons of photos and curating the week'sbest images, which will be unveiled every Friday. So without further adieu, we present you this weeks top 6 photos, courtesy of your favorite trendsetters, designers, and retailers!

Fine, only cause you asked so politely... Sneak peek of @smashleybell's shoe closet. (Insert gasp emoticon here.) via @thecoveteur


#TeamSupermodel getting ready for their big moment at the Olympic #ClosingCeremony. via @cocorocha & @TCS_Daniel


"Just passing through the @vffashion department! #aroundtheoffice" via @vanityfair


Look at this stuff isnt it neat? via @hilaryhrhoda


Fashion week ready! via @NARSissist & @NARSJanice


TGIF!!! Let the weekend commence. via @RebeccaMinkoff & @psimadethis

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