These 9 Items Will Be Massive in the Blogger World This Spring

Like celebrities, we think of bloggers as the gatekeepers to the season's most popular trends. If an It girl stands behind a certain pair of shoes, you can almost guarantee that that pair will sell out immediately. Ahem, the Gucci mules, anyone? So naturally, we look forward to seeing what bloggers are going to covet most. 

But given that the season is just beginning, we don't yet have a comprehensive idea of our favorite fashion girls' must-haves yet. So we decided to stay ahead of the curve and craft our own list with our predictions of the items that we think will be huge in the blogger world this spring.

Keep scrolling to check out (and shop!) the pieces you should consider this season. 

What item do you think will be huge this season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Opening Image: The Chriselle Factor