Are These Blake Lively's Wedding Shoes?

1. These are probably Blake Lively's wedding shoes. They're very sparkly. [Preserve]

2. Kate Moss and a slew of other fabulous celebrities attended the celebrations for Madonna's 56th birthday. [Fashionista]

3. Vogue put nine models on the cover for September, not three. [Racked]

4. Is it too early in the week to think about cocktails? Because this watermelon margarita looks delicious. [Domaine]

5. Jessica Alba looks beyond adorable as she throws out the first pitch for the Dodgers. [E! Online]

6. This is amazing: five really weird things beauty editors keep in their fridge at all times. [Byrdie]

7. Is Rita Ora's pearl-infused ponytail totally stunning or totally weird? [Refinery 29]