Blake Lively's Younger Daughter's Name Has the Sweetest Meaning

Less than a week ago, the Lively/Reynolds family gave us all peek at their adorable family unit: dad Ryan, mom Blake, toddler James, and their new baby girl, who was born in September. Given the private family that they are, however, not only did this public appearance come as a pleasant surprise, but it also reminded us that we still weren’t sure what to call their younger daughter. But today, Us Weekly exclusively confirmed her name, and it has the sweetest meaning.

According to the publication, Lively and Reynolds chose Inez for their second child, a name that has Latin, Greek, and Spanish origins and means “pure.” It’s arguably a bit more of a traditional name, considering her big sister’s is James, but a unique one for sure. While it doesn’t seem likely that the family will make regular red carpet appearances together—they seem to much prefer a low profile—at least now we know a bit more about them. 

Scroll down for another Lively/Reynolds family photo because, well, they’re kind of the cutest.



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