Screw Sneakers, Blake Lively Thinks These Heels Are Relaxing

Many of us prefer to relax in a comfy pair of sneakers in our day-to-day life. Blake Lively? Not so much. As People pointed out from an interview Blake did with Hamptons Magazine, Blake described her style like this: “My style is very much a reflection of my experiences and my moods, who I am and where I’ve traveled … So my design aesthetic, whether it’s in my home or on my body, is very much an unfolding of my experiences and my stories. And that can be incredibly casual—it can be jeans and a T-shirt—but it’s my dad’s T-shirt maybe. It’s stuff that normally means something to me. And it’s also very personal and relaxed. I also like to dress up, though; I also think that’s relaxing—to put on a great pair of Louboutins.” Hey, we totally get it—tossing on a gorgeous pair of shoes totally makes us feel great too.

Keep scrolling to check out Blake Lively in one of her favorite pairs of Christian Louboutin heels—and shop a few pairs, too.

What shoes do you wear when you want to be relaxed? Let us know in the comments below!