The 3 Levels of Naked Dresses, According to Serena van der Woodsen

It’s hard to imagine any naked dress style that could overshadow the likes of Bella Hadid’s from this past spring in Cannes or Rihanna’s unforgettable CDFA appearance. But here’s a little FYI: Well before our current-day style icons were daring to dress in, well, seemingly not much at all, there was an OG '00s star championing the trend. Namely, Serena van der Woodsen.

In honor of Blake Lively’s birthday today, we took a small trip down memory lane to revisit a few of the naked looks from one of our favorite Upper East Siders. To be fair, van der Woodsen erred on the more conservative side of the trend, opting for slim-fit, flesh-tone dresses and lots of ornate lace. Nonetheless, the below three examples serve as one more reminder that trends are never usually created, they're often repurposed from the past. In this case, the past is Gossip Girl.

Keep scrolling for the three levels of naked dresses, as done by Serena van der Woodsen.