This New Line Vows to Create the Darkest Shade of Black


J'ai Perdu Ma Veste

New York City girls will have much reason to celebrate when a new line called Viperblack debuts what it claims will be the blackest shade of black to exist thus far. Known for my all-black-everything wardrobes, I can attest—as a city-dwelling lady myself—that this is exciting news.

Launched on Kickstarter by Phoebe Heess (who also designs for Adidas’s Stella McCartney line) and her business partner Gabriel Platt, the line was inspired by the viral meme that reads, “I’ll Stop Wearing Black When They Invent a Darker Color.” That’s exactly what the two set out to do, eventually creating a fabric that produces 40% less light than your run-of-the-mill black shade. If they reach their Kickstarter goal of $11,342, they’ll be using the fabric to create unisex cotton and mesh T-shirts.

I think I speak for all Manhattanites when I say this is a very worthy cause.

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