The Ankle Boot Trend You Haven't Worn With Black Tights (But Should)

We're longtime fans of Miroslava Duma and her bevy of wearable, effortless outfit ideas that are actually easy to re-create. Her latest comes straight from the streets of Paris Fashion Week, where the petite Russian style star wore an outfit that instantly caught our attention, seeing as black-tights season has officially begun.

Duma paired her black tights with a logo tee, blazer, and denim skirt, all of which were pretty standard, but what she wore on her feet was a lot more unexpected. Instead of black ankle boots (the typical black-tights shoe choice), Duma opted for a trend that's quite the opposite: white ankle boots. Yes, you heard correctly—the combination that was once considered a faux pas is now cool. Thanks to the popularity of white ankle boots as of late, street style stars like Duma are constantly coming up with fresh new ways to style them, and sometimes, just embracing the stark contrast is the best route to go.

Below, see the black-tights-and-ankle-boots outfit you need to try this fall, and shop cool white ankle boots.