Numbers Don't Lie: Most People Prefer This Kind of Skinny Jeans

They're a closet staple, and every fashion girl swears by them… We're talking about skinny jeans! No matter what brand or wash, we all own a few pairs of the slim-cut jeans. The tapered legs make the silhouette boot-friendly, and the sleek fit gives off a dressy look. Not to mention a pair of skinnies can be paired with just about any top, from a hoodie to a structured blazer. There's a laundry list of reasons skinny jeans have remained a constant in fashion throughout the years, and now there's data to back up their wild popularity, at least in the U.S.

Edited reports, "Consumers are more favorable towards skinnies than retailers give them credit for." The research goes on to show that the UK is feeling "less confident" about skinny jeans, with new arrivals down by 28% over the last three months. However, it's a different story for the U.S., which has 11.5% more stock. The data from the report shows that despite the skinny jeans' popularity in the U.S., retailers continued to slash prices, contributing to the "discount culture," due to a decline in people willing to shell out their money for a full-price pair.

Interestingly, Edited blames the sale pricing on retailers focusing too much on black skinnies, which continue to reign supreme. "Part of the issue there was in the color US retailers invested in," reads the report. "Though it's still the most successful shade it's lost market share in the last year to blue and navies." While navy and blue shades may be acatching up to black washes, the proof is in the numbers: Skinny black jeans are the top style. The analysis goes on to predict that wide shapes like mom jeans and roomier boyfriend cuts are "selling particularly well" in blue shades across both markets. Could these styles dethrone the black skinny jean? We'll keep an eye out for the next denim report.

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