The Updated Birkenstocks It Girls Will Be Clamoring For

Models wear them. Celebrities love them. Street style stars approve too. We're talking, of course, about Birkenstocks. The sometimes-polarizing "ugly" shoes are definitely here to stay, but the label has just outdone itself with brand-new, limited-edition versions of its iconic sandals.

As Footwear News reported, the new shoes are a collaboration with German jewelry designer Patrik Muff, who updated the sandals with handcrafted, sterling silver buckles. They also feature "the finest imbued and oiled natural leather," according to the product description.

But here's the catch: They cost a cool $799, and Footwear News reports that only a few hundred pairs have been created. Only time will tell if that stops the brand's It-girl fanatics from swiping them up. A girl can dream, right?

Scroll down to see the new limited-edition Birkenstocks.

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Opening Image: Getty Images