How Your Bikini Can Help Clean the Ocean

The University of California has developed a bikini which will help remove pollutants from the ocean. Mind blown? Ours, too. Stay with us.

The Sydney Morning Herald has reported the SpongeSuit, comprised of a 3D printed cage and an insert made out of “sponge”, repels water but can absorb up to 25 times its weight in other contaminants such as sewage and oil. The sponge is reusable, so once it’s filled up, it’s incinerated into liquid form and then recycled into a new suit.

The SpongeSuit developers have said: "We aim for a future where everyone, with any shape and form of swimming outfit, can contribute to the cleanliness of the seas by a sports activity or simply a leisurely summer vacation."

The suit isn’t available just yet, but once it is we’ll let you know. How good will it be to know that going for a freshwater swim is not only good for the soul, but good for the environment, too? If this is where wearable technology is headed, we’re excited to see what’s coming next.

Keep scrolling to see what the swimsuit prototype looks like and to shop our favourite bikinis until this one is available.



WHAT: The prototype of the SpongeSuit.

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