I'm Only Wearing These 7 Trends for the Next 90 Days

While I love the ease of dressing for summer and not having to worry about inclement weather, summer fashion trends often leave me a little perplexed. Year after year, I find myself asking myself Where am I going to wear this aside from a tropical island vacation? (which I, unfortunately, don't find myself on very often) or Can you even wear undergarments with this?

As a fashion editor, I'm obviously exposed to dozens of summer trends, and while it's my duty to inform you about as many of them as possible, I'm admittedly a bit more discerning about the ones I actually wear. Luckily, 2017 has been especially strong thus far when it comes to wearable trends that will lead to a slew of perfect summer outfits (on or off the aforementioned tropical island). Among all the trends that are on my radar this year, I've come to the conclusion that, realistically, there are only seven that I'll bother adding to my summer wardrobe. Want to join me?

Read on to shop the only seven trends this editor is wearing for the next 90 days.