The #1 Reason You're Packing All Wrong, According to an Expert



I don't know about you, but I can attest to being the worst suitcase packer, probably of all time. Not only am I the worst packer, I am the worst un-packer. I will pack for a trip in 30 minutes only to return and leave the suitcase in its exact state for weeks after. (Yes, I am ashamed, don't worry.) Long story short, I was in desperate need of an expert to help me sort out my packing mishaps, which is why I reached out to professional organizer Tidy Tova

In addition to lending me her unparalleled advice, she also informed me of the packing mistake everyone is guilty of—especially me. The mistake she chose to highlight was aimlessly throwing everything in a suitcase sans the planning, organization, or any effort whatsoever. Ring any bells? Ahead, prepare yourself to do some personal reflecting on your other packing mistakes as you take hold of Tidy's solutions for a disheveled and overpacked suitcase. 

Scroll down to see the packing mistake we are all guilty of, plus Tidy Tova's tips on how to avoid it. Then, shop our selection of practical items to include in your suitcase.