15 Names You Need to Know in 2017

At the start of each year, our team comes together to brainstorm the fresh names and faces we're certain will do amazing things in the 12 months ahead. Last year, we were excited to see girls like Sarah Ellen, CJ Hendry, and Maia Mitchell (among many others), recognised for their hard work, and they each saw huge success.

Australia produces an amazing amount of talent, compared to our small population, and everyone deserves to be celebrated. Today, we're highlighting the 15 women across the fashion, art, music, and travel scene, who we're excited to see progress in 2017.

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Jamie Ridge


Dillon Dot

Okay, so she's technically a Kiwi, but fashion blogger Jaime Ridge spends so much time in Australia, we couldn't not include her. Her blog, Dillon Dot, is evolving into an editorially led platform, with beautiful imagery across fashion, and beauty. We're excited to see what content she creates in 2017. With 47,000 Instagram followers and counting, she's definitely one of our favourites to watch.


Abbey Ginns



Queensland-born influencer Abbey Ginns was always going to make it in fashion. She models, is a stylist, and once worked in public relations, meaning she has a firm understanding of how things work in the industry. Last year, she starred campaigns for Sportsgirl, and The Horse, and we're excited to see where she goes next. 

Chloe Brinklow



Last year, former magazine journalist Chloe Brinklow launched online beauty destination TOMBOY Beauty. In the past year, she's featured beautiful editorials with Lara Worthington, Nicole Warne, and Georgia Fowler, and our guess is it's only the beginning for her.

Dina Broadhurst


Moda Familia

Have you spotted one of those artworks on Instagram of the pink Acne Studios shopping bag floating in water? Or maybe the two ladies with orchids? The mastermind behind those pieces is Sydney-based artist Dina Broadhurst. It's no secret her work is blowing up right now, and with her first solo exhibition in the works, it's only set to take off further.

Danielle Mulham



There's nothing that excites us more than spotting new fashion labels. Danielle Mulham is behind new label Posse, the one we can't stop talking about on Who What Wear Australia. It's only a few months old, and already popping up everywhere, so our guess, is that 2017 will be huge.

Yan Yan Chan



Fashion blogger Yan Yan Chan has a point of difference. Her images aren't the same shiny, crisp style you see all over the internet. They're a bit more raw, and gritty, which is probably why so many girls are obsessed with her effortless style. Chan has collaborated with brands like ElleryGlue Store, and Romance Was Born, and we can't see where 2017 takes her.

Li-Chi Pan



Li-Chi Pan has made a name for herself with her creative photography and styling skills. Working with everyone from Country Road to Tiffany & Co., has seen her reach and following take off. While we're obsessed with her Instagram, we could also spend hours scrolling through her blog.

Izi Simundic



If we were to place our bets on the model we think we'll see everywhere this year, it's Izi Simundic. Take a scroll through her Instagram, and you'll see why. The fresh-faced beauty is set for big things.

Tkay Maidza


Tkay Maidza

Singer and rapper Tkay Maidza (stage name Tkay), released her first studio album in October last year, and judging by the response so far, we're sure it will be the first of many.

Evi O


Luisa Brimble

Sydney-based artist Evi O (as she's affectionately known), is a woman of many talents. She's known primarily for her bold, colourful artworks—but is also an illustrator and graphic designer. Last year was her biggest year so far, launching design studio OetomoNew on the side, so she's set up to see more success this year.

Julia Ashwood


Follow The Vista

If you don't already follow @The_Vista on Instagram, do yourself a favour. Travel, lifestyle and fashion blogger Julia Ashwood covers everything that falls into *dream life* category.

Jessica Cadby and Jody Feldhofer


Nice Martin

We've been huge fans of Nice Martin since the label launched late in 2015. Since then, it's been steadily growing, and we've seen it pop up all over Instagram. In 2016 it picked up major stockists like Tuchuzy—its up and up for the brand's co-founders Jess Cadby and Jody Feldhofer!

Tiarnie Coupland


Lisa Fahey

Actress Tiarnie Coupland had a big 2016 starring in Neighbours. This year will see the release of feature film The Half Dead, filmed in Sydney and the U.S. Learn her name, because we think we just found the next Margot Robbie.

Ariel Kaplan


Ariel Kaplan

Actress, singer, and dancer Ariel Kaplan is on the path to exciting things. Recently leaving a three year stint on Neighbours, Kaplan has plans to move to London in 2017 to pursue her career. Stay tuned.

Opening image: Dillon Dot

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