The Rare Vintage Bag That Is Back (and on Every It Girl)


Style du Monde

Fashion It girls know a bag can be the difference between a good outfit and a great outfit. "There is such an excess of product out today that people want something they can truly treasure and carry with pride," says Richard Bienen, president of Bienen-Davis, a recently relaunched line that was on the arm of major trendsetters this past New York Fashion Week. 

The line was founded in 1931 and closed after 45 years in 1976, when Herbert Bienen (Richard's great-uncle) retired. Now, the brand is back in a major way, offering a new heritage-inspired take on luxury handbags.

"From the beginning, the glam aesthetic of the Seventies felt like the perfect jumping off point for the new pieces," notes Bienen. And while the bags honor the history of the original line, modern details make it feel especially fresh. Notes Bienen, "That idea of using fashion and glamour as a way to empower oneself is so relevant today and will always be at the heart of the brand."

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