Grab Your Tissues: Here's Beyoncé's Entire Pregnancy Album

Don't underestimate Beyoncé. The songstress and master of surprise album drops (see: Lemonade) has once again quietly released an album in honor of the announcement that she's pregnant with twins. Not a musical one, however. Instead, as seen on Beyoncé's site, it's a complete and beautiful photography ode to her the additions to her family, as well as Jay Z and Blue Ivy.

In a poem titled "I Have Three Hearts"—are you tearing up yet?—the artist penned an ode to motherhood and pregnancy. "Mother swells and stretches to protect her child, mother has one foot in this world and one foot in the next," one phrase states, as it accompanies images of Beyoncé in an underwater scene. She also honors her own mother, Tina Knowles: "I look at photographs of my mother when she was pregnant with me, does she feel how I feel now?" Overall, the new pregnancy photo shoot goes hand in hand with family photos of the whole Carter crew, including intimate family portraits we haven't been privy to before. Seriously, where are the Kleenex?

Scroll down for a peek at some of this newest shoot, and then explore the rest and read her poem in its entirety on Beyoncé's site.

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