No Really—the Bag Beyoncé Just Posted on Instagram Is Only $150

When Beyoncé does something, she never does it subtly. This includes the recent trio of Instagram posts containing multiple clones of the Queen B flaunting an adorable mini straw bag. By now, it's been ingrained into our human nature to assume that anything Beyoncé owns is completely out of reach, so when we found out that the handbag she so boldly flaunted on IG only costs $150—and is still in stock—we were floored.

Parme Marin is the brand behind Bey's picture-perfect (literally) small Tadlak carryall. The bag is made of handwoven palm leaf, bordered with leather, and lined with African fabric. Don't worry—we shopped out the bag for you here. But don't blame us if it sells out at the speed of light once Lemonade fans catch wind of the approachable price point.

Go on to shop Beyoncé's Instagram-approved $150 Parme Marin handbag.