Beyoncé Got Psychoanalyzed for Her Latest Spread

These days, Beyoncé is making an art out of being totally silent. Not only did she succeed in being the first celebrity tapped to cover Vogue without an accompanying interview, but she just pulled a similar stunt for Flaunt magazine.

Beyoncé posed for a gorgeous Flaunt cover shootstaged in Los Angeles and shot by Robin Harper, without sitting down for an interview. Instead, the magazine's editors asked her to play a little game of word association, and she gladly obliged.

Flaunt gave Beyoncé words like greedconfidence, and stylish and asked the star to respond with the first thing that came to her mind. She did, and the results were really interesting.

Keep scrolling to see a bit of Beyoncé's innermost psyche, as well as the gorgeous photos from the shoot!

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