The Sparkly Holiday Necklace Beyoncé Approves Of

We’ve been supporters of ornate jewelry brand Dylanlex for a while now (we spoke with them last year when the brand launched bracelets for the first time). However, the label received massive global attention when none other than Beyoncé wore a necklace from the collection in her visual album “Lemonade.” We don’t know the exact stats, but we bet it’s safe to assume the searches for the brand that made the intricate, showstopping piece were up in the thousands.

While we think these beautiful necklaces, bracelets, and rings are well worth their hefty price point (they start at around $600 and go into the thousand range), we were ecstatic to learn that Dylanlex teamed up with The Zoe Report’s Holiday Box of Style to offer an affordable necklace. (Reminder: The Box of Style is only $100.)

Scroll down to see what the necklace looks like, and then head over to subscribe for your Box of Style.