These '90s Beyoncé Photos Deserve Their Own Museum

The '90s are back with a vengeance, and everyone from celebrities to It girls just can't seem to get enough. Everything (and we mean everything) from tube tops to low-rise jeans is officially cool again, and one step inside Urban Outfitters will prove it. So what comes along with the major resurgence of a decade like this? Shopping the long-lost trends is a given, but stalking celebrities from back in the day rolls in at a close second.

We wrote this up a little while ago, but when it comes to one celebrity, in particular, Beyoncé, we needed an entire story dedicated to the matter. Ahead, check out 14 essentially life-changing photos of Beyoncé from the '90s that deserve their own museum or, in our case, their own story. We know, we know—you're welcome.