A Blogger's Secret to Getting the Best Instagram Shots in Paris

Here at Who What Wear, we're always on the hunt for the latest tips on how to look good in photos, whether that's how to pose, what to wear, or where to take them. That's why when a world-class blogger stops to give us her advice, we take note.

Aimee Song shared her experiences with Marie Claire after attending her first couture week in Paris this year. When it came to how she captured some of her best photos of her visit for her Instagram, she had some great insights.

"In the morning is the best time to sightsee because there are no other people around, so you can get much prettier photos," she said. "My favorite way to get around the city (when I'm not in a hurry or wearing Dior shoes) is to ride a bike, but if you've been to Paris, you know that the streets are pretty crazy. So the morning is best for that as well because you can actually look around while you ride."

The next time we're lucky enough to be in Paris, we'll definitely be following her advice. Be sure to click back to Marie Claire to read the rest of the interview and see more photos.

In the meantime, scroll on to check out a few of our favorite photos from her time in Paris!

What do you think of Aimee Song's tip? Are you feeling inspired by her couture week story? If so, head over to shop Dior for yourself.