6 Zara Pieces No One Else Will Have (Yes, Really)

As much as we love Zara (and we really do), there's a downside to shopping the retailer: The fear that everyone else is buying the same items you are. Well, we have the perfect solution. Back in March, we introduced you to Zara Home, a separate company under the Inditex umbrella. Since you can't access it from the brand's main website, everyone shopping solely on the main site is totally overlooking these cute Zara Home pieces, making them they're way more under-the-radar.

Of course, we wouldn't leave you to sift through the site alone—we rounded up the best of Zara Home's new beach collection for your shopping pleasure. From palazzo pants to bikinis, there's something for everyone.

Read on to shop the Zara Home beach collection that's not available on the retailer's main site.