I Just Started Working Out: Here's Everything I've Bought So Far

Disclaimer: Unlike fitness-maven, Hannah Bronfman, who’s photo can be seen above, exercise is a relatively new, and thus novel experience for me—brought about this year solely because of the fact that I’m getting married. In addition to being a walking cliché, however, a combination of literal walking, some gym action, yoga, and Pilates has been as great for my mood and lifestyle as it has been for my appearance.

That being said, my newly-discovered “active lifestyle,” has also caused me to consider a new category when shopping that I never paid much attention to before. It also may have caused me to go a little overboard on the athletic gear, which is bad if you’re my wallet, but it’s good if you’re one of our readers! While I don’t suggest buying all these things at once, or even at all if you don’t need them, if you’re looking to pick up a few pieces (in moderation), my list is at your service!

Shop my workout picks below, and for more wellness content, head on over to our sisters at THE/THIRTY!