6 Instagram Accounts to Follow If You're Getting Married

As a bride-to-be myself, when I got engaged, I quickly learned that the more help you can get, the better. Of course, that assistance can come in many forms—your soon-to-be spouse lending a hand with planning, one of your bridesmaids taking a few tasks off your plate, or your wedding planner helping you organize everything—all of which are a great relief. Beyond what you think of as typical aid, however, help can also be found in the palm of your hand. I’ve come to realize that something as simple as online inspiration can do wonders for anyone planning a wedding—especially if, like myself, your knowledge about and interest in weddings before your engagement was little to none. That means if you’ve never created a secret wedding Pinterest board, you still have a chance!

To see what I mean, check out these six game-changing Instagram accounts that every bride should follow, and afterward, don’t forget to share your favorites in the comments below.