The Best Wedding Heels for Every Bride

Whether you prefer classic pumps, embellishments or a fashion forward heel, looking for the shoes you’ll say ‘I do!’ in should only be fun. While the dress may be a little impractical to wear for day-to-day life, your shoes can be that something special you whip out after the day has come and gone. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best heels you can get married in and then wear again.

The most important thing is for your feet to be comfortable. You don’t want to be that bride who leaves her reception with heels in hand—or unable to be twirled around on the dancefloor because your toes are crying for help. Our top tip? Try and leave yourself with enough time to wear them in around the house before the big day to make sure your feet survive.

Keep scrolling to find the heels you'll walk down the aisle in.

Your dress may be (or not!) grazing the floor, but that doesn't mean you can't have an eye-catching pair of shoes hidden underneath. Remember to show them off when you hit the dancefloor. 

If you're most comfortable in a pair of classic heels similar to what you'd usually wear, then go for it on your big day—you'll feel like 'you'.

A 'naked' shoe will elongate your legs like nothing else. If you're going for a sheath style dress, these shoes will keep your whole look streamlined (think Caroline Bessette-Kennedy). 

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