Topshop Just Restocked the Shoes You'll Want in Every Color

"Sold out" might be two of the most dreaded words in the online shopping sphere. Just when you see something you love at the right price, you glance over to the sizes and realize it's out of stock. The only silver lining? The hope for a restock. If you happened to love a pair of chic Topshop pointy-toe pumps that were previously sold out, today's your lucky day because the retailer just brought them back.

Available in three colors, the shoes are chic for a number of reasons. The low heel makes them practical for everyday wear, while the cool V silhouette feels fresh. We especially love the white versions, as we've been spotting white shoes everywhere these days, including on celebrities like Bella Hadid. And last but not least, the $100 price tag is reasonable compared to designer versions of the same look. All in all, these pumps are definitely a wise buy.

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