The Exact Times You Should Avoid Stores on Black Friday

Some people are willing to do just about anything to score a deal on Black Friday, and if you're one of the shoppers looking for an in-store game plan, considered yourself covered. Thanks to insight from Google Data, we know the best time to hit your favorite stores and the worst time (aka the perfect time to take a break and load up on leftovers).

If you're a Black Friday early bird, you're in the green because Google reports "store foot traffic typically peaks in the afternoon, between noon and 4:00 pm." Google's findings show that electronic stores are the busiest from 12–3 p.m., clothing stores between 1–4 p.m., and toy stores between 1–3 p.m. 

We don't expect to see a store completely clear out at any time during the day, but you can count on us to be taking a break from the madness from 1–4 p.m. Consider yourself warned!

Check out more of Google Data's Black Friday stats, and keep scrolling to shop our winter fashion picks. 

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Opening Image: Christian Vierig/Getty Images