8 of the Best Fashion TED Talks

There's nothing we love more than a good TED Talk. Always fascinating and original, the idea-filled monologues leave our brains churning in a way that most of our Netflix queue just can’t do. And, although they’re not known for their fashion content, there have actually been a few awesome fashion-themed talks over the years! We’ve rounded up our favourites below to start your weekend off right.

Scroll down to watch eight of the best fashion-centric TED Talks…

"Sneakerhead" Josh Luber introduces us to the complex, unregulated market of rare and limited-edition sneakers, and hails it as a model for commerce at large.

Fashion photographer Rick Guidotti discusses his heartwarming passion project: redefining the perception of albino children through photography, and empowering them in the process. 

Model Cameron Russell may be tall, fit and pretty, but she argues here that that's led her down some highly questionable paths as a model.

Designer Jessi Arrington endorses conscious consumption and meditates on the blessings of buying all your clothing secondhand.

When this was filmed in 2012, Tavi was still a young teen who had just launched Rookie. Here she explains why the website's complex, feminist perspective on teenage girls is so important.

Designer and "biological conjurer" Suzanne Lee shares her fascinating experience growing a kombucha-based material that she then turned into clothing.

Fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi shares his greatest inspirations and tips for sustaining a happy, creative life.

Media maven Johanna Blakely argues that because copyright laws are less strident in fashion than in the worlds of film or music, the industry experiences greater innovation and higher sales.

What's your favorite TED Talk ever? Sound off in the comments, and shop some of the most interesting new fashion books!