The Swimwear Trends to Invest in Now, Based on Your Age

Swimsuits are something you have been wearing your entire life, and while there are no rules when it comes to who should wear what in the world of bathing suits, sometimes it’s fun to switch it up and get someone else’s opinion on the matter. Since shopping for bikinis and one-pieces alike can often feel redundant (kind of like once you’ve seen one style, you’ve seen them all), we thought it would be fun to assign some of the biggest swimwear trends this year to a handful of age groups.

Now, let us be clear—we firmly believe you should wear whatever makes you feel like your most beautiful and confident self. In no way are these categorizations meant to exclude certain styles from certain age groups—they are merely to bring a fun new swimwear trend to your attention, and we’re just making it a little more personal by pointing out age groups we think would particularly love said trends. From the ballerina vibe to one-shoulder one-pieces, get ready to fall in love with every single one of the swimwear trends ahead, no matter what your age.

Go on to shop the biggest swimwear trends right now, organized by the age groups we think will love the styles most.