Every Swimsuit Trend I'm Telling My Friends About



There are certain things I look forward to every summer—movies in the park, the return of Aperol spritz season, diving into a great new book—but topping the list is my travel itinerary and the clothes that are thrown into my suitcase. And swimsuits are one of the very first things that get added to my bag. This summer, I’m particularly looking forward to days by the beach because of the cool swimsuit trends that are on the market right now.

In the past, I haven’t ventured too far outside of staples like simple black one-pieces or striped string bikinis, but this year, I’m pushing myself to experiment with more new trends like the “scrunchie” swimsuit I tried recently. Rather than keep these to myself, I’ve been texting my friends with all the bikinis and one-pieces on my radar in an attempt to narrow in on the ones I’ll be trying out for those afternoons soaking up that summer sun. Ahead I’m breaking down the 10 best summer swimsuit trends of 2018 (and you’ll probably catch me wearing each one sometime in the months to come).