Every Stylish Celeb Is Suddenly Wearing This Outfit

Now that the holidays are upon us, chances are you have a party or two on the agenda. But for those occasions when dressing up isn’t totally necessary? If you’re like us, there’s one look on your mind. Sweatsuits have made their way into the closets of fashion’s biggest trendsetters, and come the holidays, it’s your turn to give them a spin too. With high-fashion brands like Vetements on board, you can bet that this once lazy-day staple is now cool enough to wear out and about.

Still not convinced? We rounded up some of our favorite stars who have worn the style of late, to the airport, gym, or even out on the town. Armed with a little inspiration, there will be no contest: This is the easiest outfit to wear for the coming months. So whether it’s Netflix on the agenda or something a little more involved, this is the one look to wear this winter. Because when you can be both cozy and chic, how can you say no?

Read on to take a look and then shop some of our favorites now!