11 Stylish Boots You Wouldn't Know Are Waterproof

There’s nothing like a week of back-to-back rainy NYC days to make you finally give in and decide to spend on a pair of rain-proof boots. Especially when your other options were wearing sneakers (prepare for cold ankles) or wearing regular boots (prepare for a major bill from the cobbler); trust me, I would know. In fact, the aforementioned anecdote is actually the exact reason this post is on Who What Wear.

As someone who has only recently found themselves in need of rainy day footwear (but who has also yet to come around to the look of the classic rain boot, as functional as they may be), I figured there must be other girls in the same, wet boat—so here we are.

Shop my stylish, water-resistant, and waterproof boot picks below!

This post was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated. Now that you've got the shoes, see what your favorite celebs wear in unpredictable weather

Opening Image: Fashion Me Now