The Only Sneakers That Matter for the Next 6 Months


Collage Vintage

So, you have an entire section of your closet dedicated to sneakers? Hey, us too. When it comes to ranking wardrobe staples, nothing works easily from season to season as a pair of comfortable and cool kicks. But, even our tried-and-true staples need a shake-up now and then, which is why, as we're getting close to the halfway mark of 2017, we've turned our eyes toward the coming sneaker trends.

So, with our next athleisure purchases in mind, we reached out to Emily Oberg. As the creative lead for popular New York sneaker empire Kith's women's division, knowing the next It sneaker isn't just a hobby, it's her job. And when it comes to the next It sneakers, what she told us may be a bit of a surprise.

According to Oberg, it may be time to retire the designer sneakers you've been wearing. "Women are moving toward the idea that it's possible to wear non-fashion sneakers and still look fashionable." Oberg cites brands that may already rank among your favorites like Nike, Adidas, and Puma.

But, it's not just about a turn toward the sporty. Oberg also notes that new styles will look to the past. "We're going to start seeing brands retro'ing older styles for women," she says. "I anticipate a return to a super-classic, West Coast–style shoe that we've seen creep back into popularity."

Now that you know, read on to shop retro-cool sneakers inspired by Emily's advice.