This Strapless Bra Promises to Never Fall Down

Strapless bras can be a blessing and a curse. Sure, they provide the support you need to don all those pretty off-the-shoulder frocks, but having to constantly pull up your bra is never a pretty sight. Enter Kellie K Apparel.

As HelloGiggles pointed out, the company might have made the most advanced strapless iterations ever. How? The company's patent-pending Geck-Teck material, which sticks to you and keeps the bra in place. Kellie K's website explains the technology: "GeckTeck is a biocompatible, silicone-based material that achieves superior frictional adhesion using the same physical properties geckos use to cling to almost any surface. The material is designed so that it makes intimate contact with even the most sensitive skin without irritation."

Kellie K's Kickstarter campaign raised almost $27,000, and now you can preorder one of two styles: The Alice, which is underwire free, and The Ava, which comes with underwire support.

Scroll down to see the company's Kickstarter ad and shop the best strapless and off-the-shoulder styles to wear the bra with!

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