6 Shoe Styles Fashion Girls Will Wear With Jeans This Spring

Even though New York Fashion Week had some crazy weather this February (cue rain, snow, and everything in between), it didn't stop the fashion elite from coming out in full force—dressed in their most original and forward ensembles. We tend to pay special attention to these street style moments because what we see everyone wearing right now often sets the tone for the trends we'll see cropping up most in the fashion world this coming season.

As we scrolled through the latest street style images, one thing we noticed first was all the gorgeous footwear choices. Noteworthiest? The stylish shoe silhouettes fashion girls paired with everyone's go-to seasonal staple—jeans.

Ahead, we're taking a closer look at the shoe-and-denim combinations the most stylish women tested out during fashion week—and the looks we'll all try in the next few months. Because come on: It's never too early to start planning next season's wardrobe, right?

Scroll on to see how everyone is wearing the coolest shoe styles right now and then shop our favorite picks for each.

Which shoe style will you be donning this spring? Let us know in the comments below!