The Jewelry Trends Fashion Girls Can't Stop Buying (and Selling)

Photo: Collage Vintage

Is it just me, or do people not talk about jewelry enough? This, I feel, is a massive shame. After all, a pair of statement earrings or a subtle and delicate necklace can be the piece that pulls your whole look together. So I have decided to not just talk about it, but also to investigate it. To really get the inside scoop on what is happening in the jewelry world, I wanted to explore a market that normally isn't talked about—the resale market. One of the most well-curated resale sites in the industry, The RealReal, was kind enough to gather their team of certified gemologists to speak on the spring jewelry trends they have noticed all over the resale world. 

What they came back with was actually quite surprising, but proves that the consumer doesn't always follow the runway styles as much as we think they do. While trends like statement earrings are undoubtedly having a moment, others they listed such as brooches and ear cuffs came as more of a shock, as they were mildly put to rest a few seasons ago. The experts at The RealReal also told us the trends people are not buying which include edgy or spiky jewelry and colorful bangles. However, in terms of what is trending, after sifting through The RealReal for must-have items for you all to shop, it was clear to see why resale customers cling to the spring trends they do, and we have a feeling you'll be just as fond.

Go on to read about the 5 biggest resale trends, according to the certified gemologists at The RealReal.