These Are the Only 7 Color Trends Fashion People Care About Right Now



Even as a fashion editor, color trends can be hard to grapple with. I know I'm not the only one who falls into a rut of my color safe zones. (Hi, indigo and cherry-tomato red.) And who can blame us for sticking to the hues we know complement our complexions?

But even if you are a proud member of the color-shy club, it's worth giving the biggest spring color trends a shot. You'd be surprised to discover just how flattering grass green can be! Below, we break down the only seven colors fashion girls are looking to wear this season and give you a bit of shopping inspo to boot. We promise there are even some neutrals in the mix.

Grass Green

When it comes to green, one size definitely does not fit all. So if you are looking to step outside of the olive-green safe zone, try on shades ranging from Granny Smith apple to deep emerald to discover what you're most comfortable in. 

Buh-bye, Millennial Pink: This season, the soft, neutral shade has been replaced by something much bolder. To keep things from feeling too Barbie while rocking hot pink, go for styles that feel unexpected and incorporate androgynous sneakers and shapes. 

Saturated mango-orange is the livelier sister to the rust we rocked all through fall and winter, and it's every bit as easy to wear.  

If full-on orange is a little bit much for you, yellow may be a better place to start. Once you're comfortable in more mustardy tones, go for sour lemon to dial up the look. 


Neutral lovers, this one's for you. When it comes to wearing cream this season, go for pieces that have slightly brown or yellow undertones, which gives them a more natural, and therefore more modern, look.

Though typically reserved for fall and winter, this season, deep brown pieces are in heavy rotation. The color provides a nice counterpoint to bolder shades like mango, fuchsia, and lavender and is an excellent way to show off supple leathers and suedes.

Though not exactly groundbreaking for spring, lavender has gotten a stylish new lease on life this season thanks to a host of sporty separates and cozy knits currently available to shop in the shade.