Experts Told Us How to Find Your Perfect Sports Bra



Working out is hard enough, so when it comes time for you to decide on what to wear while exercising, there should be no sweat involved. Yes, leggings are clearly a high point of interest in the fashion community right now, but there is one item you can't (and shouldn't) hit the gym without, and that is a sports bra. While we've established that this particular undergarment is a must-have sportswear item, what we haven't established is what kind of sports bra you should be wearing to the overwhelming variation of workouts that exist nowadays. (Seriously, how and why are there so many?)

Every type of workout, whether it be high intensity or low intensity, requires a specific kind of support and construction, which will, in turn, ensure you have the most comfortable workout possible. To get the full low-down on all things sports bra related, we reached out to the CEO of Alo Yoga, Danny Harris. If there is anyone who knows the ins and outs of high-quality sportswear and all that it entails, it's him.

The best thing about the advice he gave us is that he not only recommended specific bras available on Alo Yoga right now, but he also educated us on the key factors one should look for in a bra based on the sport. This way, you can use this advice as a jumping off point for all your future sports bra shopping endeavors. As you can imagine, yoga requires a different kind of support than running does, and you're about to learn exactly why and what that is.

From barre to running to cycling, go on to read all about which sports bras you should be wearing to every kind of workout class, and why.