The Best Shorts for Thighs That Are "Thick as Thieves"

Finding denim shorts to perfectly fit your body type is not an easy feat, but there are few articles that tackle the subject honestly. Not anymore, thanks to Man Repeller's take on ill-fitting shorts—and how to avoid them.

According to MR, the most flattering shorts for those without a thigh gap (so, basically most of us) are the Levi's Red Tab "Wedgie" shorts. With a tight and "sexier" fit and just the right amount of stretch, these shorts are one of the favorites called out. 

Shop the look below. 

"These may be my favorite: Levi's Red Tab 'Wedgie' short," says Man Repeller's Amelia Diamond. "They were for sure tight and a bit 'sexier' than the rest (maybe also because they're white?) but I felt really good in them. If I didn't have to give them back I might cut half-a-inch slits up the outside hem-seams just for a BIT more expansion."

What are your go-to shorts? Let us know in the comments. 

Opening Image: Love Is Blind