Is This the Best Quote in "Sex and the City" History?

Sex and the City quotes are more of a hot topic now than ever, almost 12 years after the show’s conclusion. Call it nostalgia or HBO GO, but the world still wants to be reminded of the characters’ musings. Carrie Bradshaw and her crew were at times bawdy, funny, wise, and cheeky but always insightful.

While undoubtedly subjective, we’re partial to one quote in particular. Spoken by Carrie Bradshaw, this quote is confidence-boosting and motivational, and it subtly references one’s fashion sense, advising to just keep going and make the best of what you’ve got. Hey, if it works for Ms. Bradshaw, it works for us. See the quote below and keep scrolling to shop pieces inspired by the quote and Carrie Bradshaw herself!

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