Can You Guess How Much Money Americans Spend on Online Clothes Shopping?

If you spend a healthy amount of your time shopping for clothes online, you're definitely not alone. As The Wall Street Journal pointed out, comScore just published an in-depth report on e-commerce sales for 2015. The findings? Clothing and accessories officially became the best-selling e-commerce category—for the first time ever. (Computer hardware used to hold the number-one spot.) 

According to the comScore report, consumers spent a whopping $51.5 billion on clothes, shoes, handbags, and makeup last year. The clothing category increased by 19% compared to 2014, which The Wall Street Journal attributes to the increased popularity of mobile shopping and more free shipping options than ever. 

The WSJ further explained the study's results, reporting that "consumers are more likely to shop on their smartphones and tablets for items that are inexpensive and less complicated to buy than large-ticket items that involve multiple decisions, according to the study." So if you ever feel guilty about your online shopping bills, take solace in the fact that everyone is in the same boat.

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