Forever 21 Pieces Your Friends Will Wish They'd Seen First

I will admit that I secretly love to know about things before everyone else does. Does this make me a bad person? No. Selfish reasoning aside (also known as my competitive character and know-it-all tendencies), the best part about knowing stuff before everyone else is that you get to share it with them and see their eyes glisten as they absorb the new information you are bestowing upon them, whatever that may be.

Since I work in the fashion industry, it should come as no surprise that a few of my favorite things to know about before anyone else are the newest products on the market—especially ones I know you'll love. And that leads us, once again, to our weekly roundup of the best new arrivals at Forever 21. Hopefully this week, you will love these new products just as much as the rest of us in the office. Happy shopping! 

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