Are You Freaking Out Over These Forever 21 Pieces as Much as We Are?

It’s pretty much in our nature to have lazy tendencies, to enjoy when things are done for you as opposed to by you, and to prefer the easier route over the road less traveled. Now, take all of those thoughts and apply them to the overwhelming section that is Forever 21’s new arrivals. Between the tops, bodysuits, shoes, and endless summer dresses, where is a girl to even start looking for her newest purchase? The answer is right here.

Not only do we fancy making your lives as easy as possible, but we also actually enjoy sifting through the new product to bring you the pieces we think you will love the most. This week, fall in love with 10 pieces that, if we had to guess, you will keep in your closet for years to come—and there is nothing more satisfying than that.

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