We Found the Perfect Pants for Every Body Type


Courtesy of Ann Taylor

If you have an occasion that requires a bit more polish than blue jeans can offer, chances are that you'll reach for a skirt or a dress. But what if we told you we could change your mind? Hear us out—a sleek pair of pants can instantly elevate your look to classic status, not to mention that they're fashion girl–approved. (Proof: Almost all of the best street style looks this year feature pants over skirts.) Think about it; a fitted pair of trousers can act like a blank canvas for a number of different looks. Feel like pairing it with sneakers and a tee? You'll still look chic. Want to wear them with your new white heels? You're all set for the street style paparazzi.

The key to making this turnkey piece work for every need is to make sure your pants look as sleek and perfectly tailored as possible—and that means knowing more than just your waist size. To help you figure out which cut will work best for your body, we broke down the markers for four different shapes. And because we're ever so helpful, we went ahead and found your perfect fit with some help from Ann Taylor

Want to know which pants you should try based on your body type? Get ready to give your skirt the boot.

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