These Overalls Actually Make Your Butt Look Good

We can all think back on our childhood days and remember wearing a pair of overalls regularly. The toddler staple of the denim variety, in grown-up sizes, are low-key chic these days, but they're not the easiest to pull off as an adult. We got a little fashion lesson thanks to Hilary Duff, who stepped out in a pair of form-fitting flare denim overalls by Stella McCartney this week. The 5'2" actress rocked the flattering cut that gave the illusion of modelesque legs—but the best part was how great her butt looked. There, we said it. While the average loose-fitting overalls hide curves, especially in the rear, this 70s-inspired style hugs them in all the right places and defines your butt unlike any pair we've seen before. 

Keep scrolling to see Hilary's look in action and shop the universally flattering Stella McCartney overalls.